Abaqus-Swiftcomp GUI question for Auxetic honeycomb core

  1. gao fei


         The auxetic honeycomb has a property of negative poisson's ratio, such as re-entrant honeycomb. However, when I compute the elastic constants of re-entrant honeycomb by 2D SG and 3D SG, it's shown that the result of poisson's ratio in the sc.k file is positive. How can I solve this problem.

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    1. Wenbin Yu

      Please provide more details about the model. When you create the model, make sure that you have period nodes if the material is period. ---- Emailed forum response from

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      1. gao fei

        Dear Prof. Yu

             Thank you very much for your help. I changed the model to a periodic node according to your instructions (see the figure below for the specific model). Although I found that the Poisson's ratio of the 65 degree model calculated by 2D SG is negative,  the 75 degree model is positive. I would be very happy if you could answer my question!


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