Reliance Jio Free offer data and the subsequent steps taken by competitors to reduce fees for data transfer should look like a dramatic impact on use Facebook in India. Shock is so much that it has taken a global monthly active users (MAU) numbers Facebook to record highs.

In its December quarter profit conversation with the investors on Wednesday, social media giant said that a quarter was "fantastic" one for "Total Community Growth on Facebook." a quarter saw "strongest absolute MAU AND DAU (daily active users) increments year-over-year since the public company" Facebook, said financial director David Wehner.

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in the reply to the question of where the increase comes from, Wehner has chosen India and said: "India was our strongest growth market." showed a great deal of this increase came to account for "third parties promotional free data plans."

Wehner add that Facebook Lite for Android also helped network of relevant social to extend the use of and access to the emerging economies, including India. Facebook Lite is easy application that allows you to quickly moving on cheaper phones with the Android upgrade.

Facebook has the largest user base in India around 195 million accounts by extras, receiving data platform. Us comes in second place with 191 million users. Other emerging economies, such as Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico follow.

However, a single user revenue is of a poor R 9 in India. Global average yield per user for quarter represented more than Rs 1200. Facebook showed R 177 Crory revenue in 2015-16 in India, a net profit in the amount of R 31 million rupees, according to documents submitted by registrar companies.

Globally, in December 1,23 billion people use Facebook on average per day, to 189 million, i.e. 18% compared to the same month in the previous year, company said. Overall 1,86 billion people use Facebook during the whole month of December, up to 269 million or 17% in comparison with the December 2015. Mobile continue to steer growth Services Facebook, with 1,15 billion people access to the web on the phone on average per day in December, and it is up to 212 million or 23% compared to the same period in 2015.


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