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  1. Mike McLennan HUBZero Purdue

    15 Feb 2019 | Contributor(s):: Michael Texeira

  2. Process Simulation with COMPRO

    15 Feb 2019 | Contributor(s):: Michael Texeira

  3. Pascal Hubert CDM Hub

    15 Feb 2019 | Contributor(s):: Michael Texeira

  4. The Challenge and Vision for cdmHUB

    15 Feb 2019 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s):: Michael Texeira

  5. A Unified Approach for Thermoelastic Constitutive Modeling of Composite Structures

    07 Feb 2019 | Publications | Contributor(s):: Xin Liu, Wenbin Yu, Federico Gasco, Johnathan Goodsell

    Mechanics of structure genome (MSG) has been extended to provide a unified approach to predict the thermoelastic behaviors of composite structures. The variational statement of the MSG models has been modified to capture pointwise temperature distribution in composite structures. The effective...

  6. Multiscale analysis of multilayer printed circuit board using Mechanics of Structure Genome

    23 Jan 2019 | Publications | Contributor(s):: Fei Tao, Xiuqi Lyu, Xin Liu, Wenbin Yu

    The structure of Printed Circuit board (PCB) is very complicated because it consists of woven composites and custom defined conducting layers. To improve the reliability of PCB, it is critical to predict the constitutive relations accurately. This study by implementing Mechanics of Structure...

  7. ANSYS Workbench SwiftComp GUI

    03 Jan 2019 | Downloads | Contributor(s):: Banghua Zhao, Hamsasew Sertse, Xin Liu, Su Tian, Wenbin Yu

    This resource contains the download of the release package of ANSYS Workbench SwiftComp GUI. Please be advised that what you download is the GUI only. You have to fill the form at http://analyswift.com/software-trial/ to request SwiftComp from AnalySwift LLC...

  8. Introduction Remarks on EDAM Workshop

    06 Dec 2018 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s):: Byron Pipes