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NAFEMS Composite Material Properties

Category: Conference/Workshop
Description: See the Poster at Introduction The NAFEMS Composites Working Group wishes to commission a new document with the suggested title “How to Obtain Material Properties for Structural Analysis of Composites”. The book will be a companion volume to the existing NAFEMS publications “An introduction to the use of material models in FE”. The publication will form part of the existing “How to …” series of NAFEMS documents and is anticipated to be 60-100 pages in length. Intended Readership The intended readership consists of FE users, engineers, scientists and their managers. The aim is to allow them to make an informed decision on how to obtain the parameter values they need. It should be assumed that the design engineers and analysts are familiar with basic Finite Element theory and material models and that they have access to “An introduction to the use of material models in FE” to help them in their understanding. Content The purpose of the book is to explain to FE users how and where they can obtain the thermo-mechanical material properties necessary for the analysis of composite structures. The primary focus of the publication is laminated composites, however, the discussion of material properties of continuous as well as chopped fiber composites may be added at the discretion of the author. The publication is not indented to be a source of actual material data. The booklet, therefore, should describe experimental methods used to determine the required thermo-mechanical material properties, including how to obtain the parameters from the experimental data with reference to any appropriate documents issued by ASTM/ISO/BS/other standards organizations. The document should also include a list of suppliers of relevant experimental equipment, and a list of suppliers of material parameter measurement services. Further, the book should contain a list of existing sources of publicly available measurement data and parameter values such as vendor data, CMH-17 (Vol. 2) and others. These lists should enable users of the booklet to identify a way to obtain the data that they need. The booklet does not need to repeat the derivations and explanations of the basic material properties i.e. Young’s modulus, Poisson’s ratio, density, thermal expansion coefficient. It can be assumed that readers already have access to this knowledge. For properties used in fracture and progressive damage analysis of composites e.g. fracture toughness, normal and shear strength properties, however, more guidance is required and the inclusion of detailed background information to ensure proper use the failure theory as well as the data should be considered. Cost The total cost is not expected to exceed £7000.00, and it is expected that the book will be completed within 12 months from NAFEMS approval. Guidance for Proposals Each proposal should consist of: • The proposed structure of the book with the titles of the sections to be developed • Work plan including milestones and interim deliveries for early review • Cost • The authors’ credentials, curriculum vitae, etc. Proposals from single authors and consortiums will be considered. It should be noted that the content outline provided above is that suggested by the Composites WG but the prospective author may suggest changes based on their own experience. References Applicants are advised to study existing NAFEMS publications in this field before submitting a bid. The following NAFEMS publications are relevant in this field: • R0091, An introduction to the use of material models in FE, 2005 • HT25, Marsden, W, and Irving, D J, How To Analyse Composites, 2002. • R0003, Taig, I C, Finite Element Analysis of Composite Materials, 1992. All proposal should be sent to NAFEMS at to arrive no later than 31st May 2015. Further details are available from the NAFEMS office or by contacting the Chairman of the Composites working group
When: Sunday 31 May, 2015, 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT
  1. Composite Analysis
  2. Material Properties
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