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  1. 2013 Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB Kickoff Workshop

    04 Sep 2014 | Series

    The Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB held a kick-off workshop at Purdue University on May 29-30, 2013 with over 100 attendees from industry, academia and government.  Select presentations from the workshop are included in this series.

  2. 2015 cdmHUB Workshop

    05 Jan 2016 | Series | Contributor(s): Johnathan Goodsell

    Composites Design, Analysis and Manufacturing Workshop held at Purdue University on November 3-5, 2015.  Both lectures slides and lecture videos are presented.

  3. 2016 cdmHUB ASC Workshop

    01 Sep 2016 | Series | Contributor(s): cdmHUB Purdue

    Join us at the American Society for Composites 31st Technical Conference ( for a hands-on workshop, on September 18, from 7:00–9:00pm, on how to use for composites learning, teaching, and research in the cloud. With the mission to convene the...

  4. 2016 cdmHUB Annual Workshop

    14 Oct 2016 | Series

    Join us for the 2016 Composites Simulation Workshop at Purdue University. Learn about and engage with world-class researchers and industry experts in multi-scale composites modeling. Interact with state-of-the-art composites simulation software; hear expert, cutting-edge advances in strength and...

  5. Charles Tucker Lecture Series on Orientation Modeling at Purdue University

    18 Jun 2020 | Series | Contributor(s): Charles Tucker

    This series contains the 7-day lectures delivered by Prof. Charles Tucker for Composites Manufacturing and Simulation Center at Purdue University. Abstract Composites with discontinuous fibers are frequently processed by injection or compression molding, extrusion, 3-D printing,...

  6. Global Composites Experts Webinar Series

    12 Aug 2020 | Series

    The webinars examine the history, present capabilities, and future of composites science and technology. The goal of the series is to accumulate the vast knowledge of composites that has been developed over the past 50 years and to make it available to the global composites community. Each...

  7. Prepreg Platelet Composite Molding & Performance Workshop

    14 Feb 2023 | Series

    This series contains the talks presented on the Prepreg Platelet Composite Molding and performance Workshop on October 26, 2017 at Purdue University following the 32nd Technical Conference of the American Society for Composites.