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The webinars examine the history, present capabilities, and future of composites science and technology. The goal of the series is to accumulate the vast knowledge of composites that has been developed over the past 50 years and to make it available to the global composites community. Each webinar is an one-hour webex online meeting. It starts with a brief introduction to cdmHUB and the speaker, followed by a 40-45 minutes talk by a world class expert, ended by Q&As between the speaker and audiences.  

  1. September 10, 2020, Anoush Poursartip, Digital disruption of composites manufacturing and design
  2. September 24, 2020, Ramesh Talreja, A manufacturing sensitive design strategy for composite materials using physical modeling and stochastic simulation of defects
  3. October 8, Kenneth Reifsnider, Defect coupling predicting the strength and Life of fiberous composite laminates
  4. October 29, Kevin Potter, Automating the lay-up of geometrically complex composite structures made from preimpregnated reinforcements: a route to a roadmap

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  1. Digital Disruption of Composites Manufacturing and Design

    18 Sep 2020 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Anoush Poursartip

    Composite materials and structures are an excellent example of how engineering practice often outpaces scientific knowledge. Born in the analog world of the 1960s, carbon-fibre composites manufacturing and design practice is a complex and often fragile construct that is primarily driven by the...

  2. A Manufacturing Sensitive Design Strategy for Composite Materials Using Physical Modeling and Stochastic Simulation of Defects

    02 Oct 2020 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Ramesh Talreja

    This presentation outlines a strategy for designing composite structures accounting for the presence of defects that are inevitable in a practical manufacturing process. The essential ingredients of the strategy are incorporation of defects in physical models for assessment of composite...

  3. Defect Coupling Predicting the Strength and Life of Fiberous Composite Laminates

    16 Oct 2020 | Online Presentations

    After more than 30 years of careful experimental investigation and exhaustive development of discrete damage analysis methods including integrated computational mechanics methods, our community knows a great deal about how discrete defects such as matrix cracks and defect growth (e.g....