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Track Topics Session Organizers
General Wenbin Yu; Byron Pipes; Johnathan Goodsell
3D Reconstruction and Homogenization of Composites Azadeh Sheidaei;  Majid Baniassadi
Adhesives Joints (Metallic and/or Composite Bonded Joints) Shawn Azari
Armor and Protection Gaurav Nilakantan
Automotive Composites Liangkai Ma; Danielle Zeng
Biomimetic Composites Vinu Unnikrishnan; Samit Roy
Buckling and Post-Buckling of Composite Structures Chiara Bisagni; Marc R. Schultz
Certification by Virtual Testing Mahmood Tabaddor
Composites in Extreme Environments Kishore Pochiraju; Mark Pankow; G. P. Tandon
Computational Modeling for Advanced Manufacturing Pavana Prabhakar
Damage and Failure Prediction Dianyun Zhang; Thomas Siegmund
Effects of Defects (EoD) Caihua Cao; Lyle R. Deobald
Emphasizing Role of Interfaces in Impact Resistance of Composites Vikas Tomar
High Fidelity Database and Validation Protocols for Structural Failure Mode Characterization Joseph D. Schaefer; Salvatore L. Liguore; William Nickerson
High Performance Hybrid Natural Fiber Composites Mohammad Ravandi; Mihaela Banu
Impact Dynamic Response K.T. Tan; Hyonny Kim
Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) Sessions Dayakar Penumadu; Uday Vaidya
Micromechanics Scott Stapleton;  Sam Huang
Molecular Modeling of Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites Ashfaq Adnan; Sanjib C. Chowdhury
Multifunctional and Smart Composites Jandro L. Abot; Gaurav Nilakantan
Multiscale Modeling Steven M. Arnold; Evan J. Pineda
NAFEMS Analysis Benchmarking Ronald Krueger
Nanostructured Composites Samit Roy; Vinu Unnikrishnan
Sandwich Composites Shawn Azari
Sea-based Aviation Composite Structures William C Nickerson; Hyonny Kim
Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Composites Seyed Hamid Reza Sanei; George Stefanou
Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structures Tyler N. Tallman; Fabio Semperlotti
Testing and Characterization Bhawesh Kumar
Textile Composites Mark Pankow;  Dianyun Zhang
Verification & Validation of Progressive Damage/Failure Analysis for Stiffened Composite Structures Steve Wanthal; Cheryl Rose; Steve Engelstad

If you are interested in organizing a topic which is not covered by the existing topics or if you are interested in co-organizing one of the existing topics, please contact Prof. Wenbin Yu. Special symposiums and topics are welcome.