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How do I commit a code to cdmHUB

After you have finished the registration for your code, you can follow the following instructions to upload your code to cdmHUB. Note, you don't have to upload source codes if you don't want to. 

1. You need to follow to map a network disk of your cdmHUB storage

2. Launch the workspace tool: you can find it on your dashboard under my tools: or go to

3. Follow the first instruction in How to do this in the step where you stopped to use svn checkout to download the folder structure:  svn checkout mycode. Here I assume mycode is the registered name of your code.

4. Add your code (let me assume that it is mycode.exe) to through your mapped disk to the folder mycode/bin

5. In your workspace, cd mycode/bin, type svn add mycode.exe, then type svn commit --message "mycode for cdmHUB", input your password, it should show you that the code has been successfully uploaded.

6. click My code is committed and ready for installation.

7. Then cdmHUB admin will install your code and send the cloud version for you to test and approve its publication. cdmHUB will finally publish your code and it is showing up on the front page of cdmHUB.


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