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How do I compile a code using workspace?

The workspace tool ( essentially provides you a terminal of a Linux box. It can be used for file manupilations and code compiling. But the code must be written for a Linux OS. You can follow the following steps to achieve this

  1. Map your cdmHUB storage in to a network disk following the instructions given in
  2. Put the linux codes you want to compile into your mapped disk.
  3. Launch the Workspace tool.
  4. Go to the folder within workspace tool environment, if needed using cd to change the folder.
  5. Compile your codes using gcc compilers. If you have a make file for your codes, then type make will do the job.
  6. After it is compiled, you can test whether the code works within workspace. If the code works as you expected, you can contribute as a tool to the cdmHUB for others to use. Please make sure that you have obtained the permission to contribute the code if you are not the author of the code.

Please let us know any questions you have.

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