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  1. Recent Developments in Computational Approaches to Model Laminated Composite Shells and Damage and Fracture in Solids

    16 Feb 2021

    In this lecture, two different topics of considerable interest to composite materials and structural mechanics communities are discussed. The first topic deals with the development of locking-free shell finite elements with thickness stretch for the nonlinear analysis of isotropic and laminated...

  2. VABS: Modeling Composite Beam-like Structures with 3D FEA Fidelity

    06 Feb 2021 | Contributor(s): Wenbin Yu

    This presentation was given at Altair Virtual ATCx Composites: Variational asymptotic beam section (VABS) is a unique technology continuously funded by the US Army since 1988 and it has become a tool of choice in the helicopter and wind turbine...

  3. Structure Genome: a Unified Multiscale Approach to Bridging Materials Genome and Structural Analysis

    06 Feb 2021 | Contributor(s): Wenbin Yu

    This Talk was given at GALCIT (Graduate Aerospace Laboratories of the California Institute of Technology):​ Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) and Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) aim to accelerate discovery, developing, manufacturing,...

  4. Novel Powder Epoxy Composites for Thick-Section Structures

    25 Jan 2021 | Contributor(s): Conchur O'Bradaigh

    This seminar discusses the ongoing work at The University of Edinburgh on the processing, design and testing of thicksection composites for industrial structures such as large wind and tidal turbine blades, via powder epoxy resin systems. Thick-section composite parts are difficult to manufacture...

  5. Emerging Role of Process Models & Simulations in Composites Manufacturing

    07 Dec 2020 | Contributor(s): Suresh Advani

    This talk will highlight the ever increasing benefits of process modeling in Composite Manufacturing processes. First, the use of science base approach of materials processing, which integrates material parameters with transport phenomena at various scales during manufacturing to create...

  6. The Challenges of Determining the Strength of Composites

    24 Nov 2020 | Contributor(s): Michael R Wisnom

    Why are there such large differences in reported strengths of composites? Some of the reasons are the definition of strength, material variability, poor test methods, and subtle variations in carrying out the tests. But there are other important factors that affect strength that are not...

  7. iVABS

    19 Nov 2020 | Contributor(s): Haodong Du, Su Tian, Fei Tao, Wenbin Yu

    iVABS, meaning integrated VABS environment, is  pre-packaged PreVABS + VABS + GEBT + gmsh + dakota to facilitate design and optimization of composite airfoils, blades, or general beam cross-sections.Installer and a portable package are provided. For installer, everything will be set with...

  8. Adaptive Sampling Assisted Surrogate Modeling of Initial Failure Envelopes of Composite Structures

    10 Nov 2020 | Contributor(s): Su Tian, Wenbin Yu

  9. Automating the Lay-up of Geometrically Complex Composite Structures Made from Preimpregnated Reinforcements: a Route to a Roadmap

    04 Nov 2020 | Contributor(s): Kevin Potter

    A significant amount of research and industrial effort has been expended on the development of equipment such as automated fibre placement machines to lay-up prepregged reinforcements into structures of relatively simple geometry such as wing skins and spars, and fuselage structures. These...

  10. Defect Coupling Predicting the Strength and Life of Fiberous Composite Laminates

    16 Oct 2020 | Contributor(s): Kenneth L Reifsnider

    After more than 30 years of careful experimental investigation and exhaustive development of discrete damage analysis methods including integrated computational mechanics methods, our community knows a great deal about how discrete defects such as matrix cracks and defect growth (e.g....

  11. Liberty

    15 Oct 2020 | Contributor(s): Ilya Shunko

    test video

  12. A Manufacturing Sensitive Design Strategy for Composite Materials Using Physical Modeling and Stochastic Simulation of Defects

    02 Oct 2020 | Contributor(s): Ramesh Talreja

    This presentation outlines a strategy for designing composite structures accounting for the presence of defects that are inevitable in a practical manufacturing process. The essential ingredients of the strategy are incorporation of defects in physical models for assessment of composite...

  13. Digital Disruption of Composites Manufacturing and Design

    18 Sep 2020 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Anoush Poursartip

    Composite materials and structures are an excellent example of how engineering practice often outpaces scientific knowledge. Born in the analog world of the 1960s, carbon-fibre composites manufacturing and design practice is a complex and often fragile construct that is primarily driven by the...

  14. Global Composites Experts Webinar Series

    12 Aug 2020 | Series

    The webinars examine the history, present capabilities, and future of composites science and technology. The goal of the series is to accumulate the vast knowledge of composites that has been developed over the past 50 years and to make it available to the global composites community. Each...

  15. Charles Tucker Lecture Series on Orientation Modeling at Purdue University

    18 Jun 2020 | Series | Contributor(s): Charles Tucker

    This series contains the 7-day lectures delivered by Prof. Charles Tucker for Composites Manufacturing and Simulation Center at Purdue University. Abstract Composites with discontinuous fibers are frequently processed by injection or compression molding, extrusion, 3-D printing,...

  16. SwiftComp Executable

    01 Oct 2016 | Tools | Contributor(s): Wenbin Yu

    This is the SwiftComp executable which can be invoked by any tools on cdmHUB.

  17. Constitutive modeling for time- and temperature-dependent behavior of composites

    08 Jan 2020 | Publications | Contributor(s): Orzuri Rique, Xin Liu, Wenbin Yu, Byron Pipes

    Structural integrity, durability, and thermal stability represent critical areas for adequately modeling the behavior of composite materials. Polymeric matrices are prone to have time-dependent behavior very sensitive to changes in temperature that influence the effective properties of the...

  18. Ove Schuett Dassault Systemes Americas CDM Hub

    18 Jul 2019 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Michael Texeira

  19. Simulation of prepreg platelet compression molding: Method and orientation validation

    18 Jul 2019 | Publications | Contributor(s): Sergey Kravchenko

    Prepreg platelet molding compounds (PPMCs) offer improved performance potential as compared to short-fiber composites and increased geometrical complexity as compared to continuous fiber composites. The increased adoption of PPMCs in automotive and aerospace applications necessitates the...

  20. Fiber orientation measurement from mesoscale CT scans of prepreg platelet molded composites

    18 Jul 2019 | Publications | Contributor(s): Sergey Kravchenko

    X-ray computed tomography (CT) analysis is used to measure the heterogeneous fiber orientation fields in a 20 cm3 composite bracket made from prepreg platelet-based molding compound (PPMC). The as-molded mesostructure of the complete geometry is captured using...