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  1. Composite Stiffness Property Prediction

    07 Aug 2017

    Micromechanical models for the composite axial tensile, transverse tensile, and axial shear are combined into one tool with the objective of comparing their effectiveness as property prediction methods.  Rule of mixtures models (ROM) and the composite cylinder model (CCM) results for...

  2. Finite element unit cell model based on ABAQUS for fiber reinforced composites

    26 Jul 2017

  3. Micromechanical investigations of polymer matrix composites with shape memory alloy reinforcement

    18 Jul 2017

  4. Numerical characterization of effective fully coupled thermo-electro-magneto-viscoelastic-plastic response of smart composites

    18 Jul 2017

  5. Computational evaluation of effective stress relaxation behavior of polymer composites

    11 Jul 2017

    This paper presents a micromechanics model to characterize the effective stress relaxationstiffness of polymer composites. The linear viscoelastic behavior of polymer material wasmodeled by hereditary integral. The proposed model was established based on thevariational asymptotic method for unit...

  6. MUL2-UC Beam modeling of periodically heterogeneous composites

    13 Jun 2017

    The micromechanics code MUL2-UC is developed to work as an efficient and high-fidelity tool for the computation of the effective stiffness matrix and the recovering of the local fields of periodically heterogeneous composite structures. The main novelty is that higher-order beam theories are...

  7. Mechanics of Structure Genome: Fill the Gap between Materials Genome and Structural Analysis

    18 May 2016

    This is the presentation given as a Purdue Solid Mechanics Seminar on 5/18/2016. It summarizes the most recent devleopments up to the time of presentation. 

  8. 2015 cdmHUB Workshop

    05 Jan 2016 | Series

    Composites Design, Analysis and Manufacturing Workshop held at Purdue University on November 3-5, 2015.  Both lectures slides and lecture videos are presented.

  9. Presentation of Micromechanics Simulation Challenge Level I Initial Results

    04 Aug 2015 | Downloads

    The attached slides summarize the Micromechanics Simulation Challenge Level I Initial Results in a presentation format. The complete report can be found at, and all the files supporting the results can be found...

  10. Skill of Using Surface Element in ANSYS

    26 Mar 2015 | Downloads

    Dear All, For those ANSYS users, please check the attached skill of using surface element, “Surface_Effect_Elements.pdf”, to apply the surface tangent traction. It works well for homogenization simulations, and also for some beams structure validations. This attached zip file also...

  11. Structure Genome: Fill the Gap between Materials Genome and Structural Analysis

    29 Nov 2014 | Publications

    A new concept, Structure Genome (SG), is proposed to fill the gap between materials genome and structural analysis. SG acts as the basic building block of the structure connecting materials to structures and the mechanics of SG governs the necessary information to link materials genome and...

  12. Effective Lamina and Laminate Properties

    10 Oct 2013 | Tools

    Calculate effective lamina and laminate properties from phase properties and layup.

  13. Halpin-Tsai Micromechanics Model

    10 Oct 2013 | Tools

    Calculate homogenized lamina properties from fiber and matrix properties