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  1. Free-Edge Elasticity Solution: Tool Taxonomy and Evaluation

    22 May 2014 | White Papers/Research Documents | Contributor(s): Johnathan Goodsell

    A review of the free-edge elasticity solution tool, including tool taxonomy and evaluation.  An overview of the solution development is provided, followed by numerous examples of tool use and evaluation.  The document concludes with an evaluation of the tool maturity level.  The...

  2. FRP Recycling Feasibility Study

    06 Oct 2014 | White Papers/Research Documents | Contributor(s): Andrew George Pokelwaldt

    Composites Recycling Market Survey and Business Case for recycling. East Tennessee- Roane State Community College Advanced Composites Program supported work.

  3. NAFEMS Invitation to Tender: How to Obtain Material Properties for Structural Analysis of Composites

    13 Feb 2015 | White Papers/Research Documents | Contributor(s): Ian Symington

    The NAFEMS Composites Working Group wishes to commission a new document with the suggested title "How to Obtain Material Properties for Structural Analysis of Composites". The book will be a companion volume to the existing NAFEMS publications "An introduction to the use of material models in...

  4. Use of Digimat to Simulate Progressive Failure in a T-stiffener Accounting Voids Due to Manufacturing Defects

    18 Apr 2016 | White Papers/Research Documents | Contributor(s): Xuan Wang

    Laminate T-stiffeners are widely used in the aerospace industry to transfer the 3D complex loads between the stiffener and theskins. However, the way they are manufactured can affect their inherent properties.In this case, we have considered that the stiffener and the skin were assembled using an...

  5. Calculation of stress relaxation stiffness of linear viscoelastic composites using ABAQUS

    09 Aug 2017 | White Papers/Research Documents | Contributor(s): Tian Tang