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Which one should I use: Questions/Answers, Blogs, and Topics

In addition to contributing, using, reviewing/commenting Resources, cdmHUB provides you three additonal ways to share and interact with the community. There are not clear guidance which one should be used for which. My opinion is as follows: 

  • Questions/answers will be used for a topic (question) you are seeking an answer, usually short.
  • Blogs usually used for informal discussion of a subject (usually much longer than a question, and you have something to share, which is not as formal as a resource).
  • Topic pages will be used for more thorough treatment of some subjects of which you believe you have a good understanding.

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    Dear Dr. Yu


    the page of groups is somehow not user friendly  , and it takes a long way to get to the discussions or create a new one , if it was contained in the flow chart , might be easier


    best regards

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