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GEBT: transient analisys and external calculated loads


I would like to test GEBT with transient analisys with loads calculated each time step by external program. The loads are computed considering local beam deflection at every time step.

It's possible to use GEBT to perform this transient analysis? It's possible to stop the sover every time step, recalculate the loads and restart the solution?


thanks in advance.


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    Hi Gianni,

    Sounds like the loads applied to the structure are result-dependent, such as aerodynamic loads which are depend on the displacements and positions. As a stand-alone beam solver, GEBT cannot perform such analysis. However, GEBT can be used as a module in your code which functions at every time step as a "structural solver". The source code can be complied to a Dynamic-link library, or "dll" file which can be called in your main program. Please refer to the user's manual for more details on the compile.


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