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  1. GEBT: fail to analyze an isotropic cantilever beam with tip bending moment

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    I am using GEBT to analyze an isotropic cantilever beam subject to a tip bending moment, a well-known problem in the geometrically nonlinear analysis of beams.



  2. concentric tubes

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    Hi everyone I was wondering if we can apply GEBT for concentric tubes or not. if anybody has used it for that case kindly share your suggestions like what will happen when both concentric tubes...


  3. GEBT input direction cosine matrix

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    Hi everyone I am trying to write GEBT input code for  a 2 member assembly in which first member is horizontal straight and second member is having a curvature .I was having a confusion...


  4. rotating beam analysis

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    I would like to analyze a rotating beam statically by GEBT. However, the program does not allow me to input angular velocity if it is a static analysis. Is there any way to perform...


  5. GEBT: transient analisys and external calculated loads

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    I would like to test GEBT with transient analisys with loads calculated each time step by external program. The loads are computed considering local beam deflection at every time...