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Fibre orientation in PreVABS


          I'm little confused about the fibre orientation in Cross-sectional lamina schema data file in PreVABS, for example in the case of a biaxial[+45/-45] material we'll have mechanical properties for the biaxial coupon. Do I have give this two fibre orientations or I can use 0 deg since the layer'll be in +45/-45. if I have to provide two or even three orientations in case of a triaxial material,  How can I provide that in Cross-sectional lamina schema data file. 

Thank for your time.

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    Wenbin A Yu

    VABS starts with the assumption that each layer is a homogeneous material. For a biaxial layer, you need to use a micromechanics approach to compute the effective properties first. If this layer features a woven microstructure, you can use TexGen4SC  on cdmHUB. If it is made of unidirectional tapes, you can treat it as two layers with each layer with half thickness and its own layup angle. 

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