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ke fang

Question about ABAQUS-VABS GUI

Thank you very much for your ABAQUS-VABS GUI , It's a great help for VABS pre-processor。

But I had a problem recently, I create a following sandwich structure for example:

I follow with your PDF file(General_Cross_Section_Analysis_-_Step-by-Step.pdf),

So, I imported the material file into Abaqus, then I used “New layers” button and “Fast generation” Method to create 1 layer of glass fiber on upper surface like this:

Then I used “Assign Layups” button to assign layup, but it failed with “Feature creation failed”.

Does ABAQUS-VABS GUI cannot create a single layer or my process is wrong?

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    Su Tian

    Hi Ke Fang,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Yes. There are some issues when creating just one layer. I will fix this.

    For now, an alternative solution is that you treat the three layers as one layup (including the foam), prepare a layup file and create the layup in Abaqus through "Read from file".

    Please let me know if you have further questions.


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