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Fernando Elías BARROS

remesh a TexGen file in ansys workbench17

hi, i want to know if possible change the mesh of texgen file to work in workbench17  (finite element modeller)

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    Xin Liu

    Hi Fernando,

    I am not an expert in ansys, but I think ansys should be able to import IGES and STEP files, and then you can mesh it using ansys mesh functions. TexGen can export IGES and STEP files, which only contains geometry information.

    If you are using the texgen file that already contains mesh, then you might not be able to change the mesh.




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    Banghua Zhao

    Hi Fernando,

    ANSYS workbench can import the following mesh file format: ABAQUS Input (*.inp), Mesh Input (&,cmdb; *.meshdat), Mechanical APDL Input (*,cdb), NASTRAN Bulk Data (*.bdf; *.dat; *.nas), Mechanical Input (*.dsdb; *.mechdat), STL Input (*.stl)

    You can convert TexGen file format to any of the file format listed above. To import a mesh file to ANSYS workbench, you will need to create a FiniteElementModeler module under the Component Systems. There is a YouTube tutorial video for importing a mesh file from Nastran / Abaqus:

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



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