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M.Erfan Kazemi

Problem of Assigning Section for User Defined Model in Abaqus SwiftComp GUI


I'm trying to define a user define geometry in Abaqus SwiftComp GUI ( like section 3 of the manual) for homogenization like hexagonal pack, however after sketching and partitioning of it, when I try to choose the defined Section to assign it to fiber/matrix parts, it does not show any of previous defined Section, while I defined two for fiber and matrix. I tried to define a section at the same time of assigning it for solid, still doesn't work. Other sections work well like shell, beam, and other; but not the solid one. I do appreciate you check this with your software and inform me concerning this.

Many thanks for your time and consideration in advance!

Kind Regards,


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    Bo Peng

    If I understand you correctly, in your case you are using a shell model in Abaqus, that is when you define the part, you have chosen 3D shell. 

    ABAQUS-Swiftcomp GUI is used to pass the needed information to SwiftComp.exe. For a structure genome(SG) analysis, the SG info is needed, including nodes, elements, material properties. The info are generated with the GUI and then written into a *.sc txt file for SwiftComp.exe to conduct the SG analysis.

    If the SG is 2D,  a shell model is needed. For a shell model in Abaqus, you need to use shell section when assign section properties.  When you define shell section in Abaqus, you need to give a shell thickness. But the shell thickness is not needed for SG analysis, so this info will not be passed for SG analysis. Therefore, you can give an arbitrary thickness there.

    However, you should define the material properties like what you do for solid materials. That is you cannot use the 'laminar' option when you define material properties

    In summary, in your case you can use shell section with care in defining the material properties.

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      M.Erfan Kazemi

      Thank you dear Bo for your comprehensive help and reply.

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