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  1. Abaqus SwiftComp GUI tutorials

    This page contains tutorial examples using Abaqus SwiftComp GUI. If you start a new page to share some examples related with this software, please title it with the prefix Ab4SC: so that it will be...


  2. Problem in Abaqus SwiftComp GUI

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    Hello dear all

    I am trying to use Abaqus SwiftComp GUI to measure the elastic properties of a composite element. After creating 2D SG: unit cell, 2D structure Genome, and clicking...


  3. Computation of effective thermal conductivity with Abaqus Swift Comp GUI

    Problem Description Homogenization Problem In this example, isotropic matrix and transversely isotropic fiber are considered as constituent materials and we want to compute the effective thermal...


  4. Problem of Assigning Section for User Defined Model in Abaqus SwiftComp GUI

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    I'm trying to define a user define geometry in Abaqus SwiftComp GUI ( like section 3 of the manual) for homogenization like hexagonal pack, however after...


  5. launching abaqus swiftcompgui V2.2

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    I downloaded abaqus swiftcomp V2.2, I can not launch the program because the abaqus swiftcomp gui not exist in folder. Thank you