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How to install the orginial TexGenGUI with two new embedded functions

In order to model the geometry of textile structures and compute effective properties for composites generated using TexGen, I have to install TexGen4SC. In order to stare quickly, I want to watch out TexGen4SC Tutorial Video Series. But I can not access Youtube in China.

Once I tried to learn it from the Manual,  but I found out that I can not install TexGenGUI. Once I tried to run texgen-bundle.nsi in the "Installer" folder using nsis, it shows "Error in script "C:\Program Files (x86)\SwiftComp\texgen4sc-r30\texgen4sc-r30\src\texgen-3.8.2\Installer\texgen-bundle.nsi" on line 46 -- aborting creation process" since File: "TexGenGUI.exe" -> no files found. Did I miss some important steps?


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    Wenbin Yu

    Please ask this question inside Prof. Yu's research group to get a quick answer.

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