Sample homogenization case is not running

  1. Eren Açar (Student)


    I downloaded and unzipped the swiftcomp file. Then I got my hostname and took licence. I just followed the readme file but, I could not run the homogenization shown in the readme file ( 3D H). Also, I just got my license but the error message says "You can run SwifComp for 0 days" that I highlighted in the photo. What is the problem, can you help me on this matter?


    Thanks in advance.  

    installation file location and the error I got

  2. Wenbin Yu

    You need to enter the folder where the input file is to execute the code. From the screenshot, your input file is inside Windows-sc, while you execute the command inside 223068023.

  3. Eren Açar (Student)

    Thank you Mr. Yu, it works.

    Also, I am using ANSYS-Workbench GUI now without any problem. 

    But, I have problem with ANSYS-GUI. I downloaded the zip file from, and then I tried to install it as described in the video (opened as administrator) ( However, it gave the error I attached.

    What is the solution of this matter?

    Thank you for your considerations.






  4. Eren Açar (Student)

    Additionally, I am using the version of ANSYS 21R2 and I also tried to change the name of the code and code itself as described in the video. I mean I added "212" to menulist.ans files in "menulist_new" file, "menulist_old" file and I changed the codes as shown in the attachment but I still take the same error. Is there any solution to this problem?

    Thank you     

    the same method is also applied to menulist_old

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