Failure Analysis in Ansys-Swiftcomp Gui

  1. Vivek Dhimole

    Dear sir, 

    For the macro model analysis in Ansys swiftcomp Gui is taking homogenized properties directly from homogenization branch if I want to assign failure or Damage(strength) criteria

    then how can I assign if I give from engineering data then will it work for it but homogenized properties already overwrite assigned material properties(like previously assign from engineering data). and also is that criteria can apply for micro model failure analysis.

    Or how can I add failure criteria for analysis with homogenized properties in Ansys swiftcomp Gui

    May you enlighten for this



  2. Banghua Zhao

    Hi Vivek,

    You can create a new material in engineering data. The material properties are from the homogenized result from ANSYS Workbench SwiftComp GUI homogenization (You can get the homogenization results in homogenization branch). Next, add the failure criteria for the new material. Then you can use the material for your failure analysis.


  3. Vivek Dhimole

    Dear sir ,

    Thank you very much for your quick reply ..

    And this will be effective for de homogenization also means for micro model also ..


  4. Vivek Dhimole

    Dear sir,

    is this failure analysis applicable for de-homogenization results when I extract the micro model result from a macro model or that will taken care differently


  5. Banghua Zhao

    Hi Vivek,

    Dehomogenization and failure analysis are different in ANSYS Workbench SwiftComp GUI. To do dehomogenization or failure analysis, you need to do homogenization first.


  6. Vivek Dhimole

    Dear sir,

    Yes, sir, I have to do homogenization then this will be used with failure criteria for macro analysis then I can see the micro-level results after de-homogenization but can it apply that failure criterion in micro-level too.



  7. Banghua Zhao

    Currently, this capability is not available. We can’t do dehomogenization and apply failure criteria at the same time. We will add this capability in the future. Thanks for your question help us see the demand!

  8. Vivek Dhimole

    Ok Thank you, sir, Then what is the way to do like that (failure analysis at microlevel) in your opinion 

  9. Banghua Zhao

    I would take a closer look at the dehomogenization results. Eyebow critical area and make engineering judgement for the failure.

  10. Vivek Dhimole

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your view.