Effective stiffness tensor and compliance tensor

  1. Luis Sanchez

    Hi, everyone

    I'm trying to compare the full stiffness tensor and compliance tensor obtained by MSG with the effective stiffness and compliance tensor obtained by RVE analysis using periodic boundary conditions. 

    SwiftComp give  both the tensors when the homogenization is done. However, how can I obtain these tensors for the analysis with homogenization with periodic boundary conditions ? 

    I applied separately the six strain cases shown in the attached image. 

    Thanks for your help.

    strain cases

  2. Wenbin Yu

    After obtaining a unit strain, computing the average of the six stress components, the values corresponding to a column in the stiffness matrix (\epsilon11=1, for first column, etc.). If you use Abaqus, it has an RVE plugin for you to use. If you use Ansys, it has Material Designer. All implements standard RVE analysis. ---- Emailed forum response from