Why I cannot open the SwiftComp.exe(desktop version) successfully?

  1. yang zhang


    I obtained a desktop version of swiftcomp from Prof Yu, I do all the things according to the readme file. As follows:

    1, I download the swiftcomp zip file and unzip it into a file fold(in disk D, named SwiftComp)

    2, I add the path to environment path

    3, In cmd window, I type the "SwiftComp", then I obtain the host name and send it to Prof Yu

    4, Then I obtained a license file without extension

    5, I cope it to the same file folder(D:/SwiftComp)

    6, I run the SwiftComp. exe with some methods( such as, double click or type SwiftComp in cmd window), the error exists, as shown in the picture

    I have found some solutions with Prof Yu,  but it remains error, I just don't want to bother Prof Yu, and to find solution here with all of your help, thank you!


    the balck region is cmd window

  2. Wenbin Yu

    Yang, the reason is because you run the code i c:\users\administrator, yet, your license file is located in d:\swiftcomp. License file must be in the folder you run the code undercommand line, or where your input file is. It is ok to ask questions.