Defining material direction in 2D SG

  1. Alberto Fernandez

    After going through the tutorials I’m trying to model an airfoil section in SwiftComp. I have found no way of defining the angle of the laminate plane. I’ve seen that in the case of the composite box beam we have:

    // Information for element coordinates
    //EC 1 1
    //EC 1 2
    //EC 2 2
    //EC 2 3
    //EC 2 4
    //EC 1 4
    //End infor

    But I’ve found no information in the documentation as to what axis that refers to.

  2. Xin Liu

    Dear Alberto,

    SwiftComp Gmsh GUI can only provide some simple common cross sections, like box, I, etc. The element information you mentioned above is just used for the GUI to create SwiftComp input file. It is not the information used in the computation. You should look for the element local orientation information in the .msh file, and read SwiftComp manual to see how the local orientation defined (not Gmsh4SC manual). 

    I think the airfoil functions are available in Abaqus-SwiftComp GUI, which you can freely download from cdmhub. We are also working on general cross section design codes, which provides a easy and fast way to analyze beam cross section (includes airfoil cross section). It will be available on the cdmhub.



  3. Alberto Fernandez

    Thanks for the confirmation. I kind of suspected this was the case.

    I have been trying to attack the problem from the side you suggest, modifying the .msh file. However, I’ve had little success finding documentation. I’ve been reading the documentation of VABS expecting it to be a similar format. They do look similar, in fact but not exactly the same (at least to me).

    Can you point it me in the direction of swiftcomp documentation? I have only been able of finding documentation on gmsh4sc.

    I don’t have access to Abaqus, we use Altair Hyperworks, but I do know python so I may be able to get information from how the GUI for abaqus is written.

  4. Xin Liu

    Yes, SwiftComp uses three points to define local element orientation, which is the same as Abaqus does. I have uploaded SCtheory (the manual of SwiftComp) to the supporting document on gmsh4sc. Please let me know if you have any questions.