SwiftComp Run error

  1. Anxin Ding


      When I verified  whether I had successfully installed  the  the desktop version of SwiftComp based on document "Readme txt", in the text step3, when I type "SwiftComp 3D H", the command line window prompted  that "Cannot READ micro1D" , see attachment 1. 

     Meanwhile, when I run the desktop version of SwiftComp after inputting parameters, the  command line window prompted  that "erro from open files of sparse solver with info%lag" -16 you possiblt forgo to delete the temparory files(SCint,SCReal..........) " 

    How to resolve this problem?  Thanks 

    Anxin Ding



  2. Wenbin Yu

    Are you sure that your input files are inside your current folder: Second, you might have an unsuccessful run and some temporary files created not deleted such as SCint, SCReal. You can easily identify those files as they are not part of the original release. 

  3. Anxin Ding

    Hi Prof. Yu, 

      Thanks for your prompt response. I misunderstood the "Path" meaning  in the file "README text " and I  used the  Command Prompt window to navigate into the folder containing the SwiftComp. Now it is ok. 

      For the second question, I found and deleted those error-prompt mentioned files in the folder where I store the results files. Now it is also ok. 

     I am looking forward to working with SwiftComp to facilitate my research on the multi-scale modelling.  

    Thanks again