TexGen4SC Rotation/File Input

  1. Allison Ruwe

    I’m attempting to find a rough approximation of matrix properties based off of woven laminate data and fiber properties. The specimens were [0/60/-60]2s, so I am attempting to make that stack in TexGen. In 4SC, I am not seeing a working rotation tool to rotate these plies. I downloaded the plain ol’ TexGen and created my layup there, as the rotation tool works in that GUI. I saved that lay up and am attempting to read it in to 4SC, but do not see how I can access my computer files to read in the file.

    Any help is appreciated.



  2. Xin Liu

    Hi Allison,

    Please find my reply in the YouTube, "TexGen4SC was developed based on the previous texgen, so there is no rotation function in Texgen4SC. There are two solutions. 1. perform homogenization for woven lamina to get elastic constants, and then perform lamination model using the homogenized properties with the layup angle; 2. Export the rotated woven laminate to Abaqus and convert Abaqus inp file to SwiftComp file, but you need to be very careful about the RVE domain for periodicity."

    Save the model with layup and upload it to TexGen4SC maybe another solution, but I am not sure. Regarding to upload files to cdmhub, please refer to this link After the file uploaded on cdmHUB, you can use 4SC to open it.

    Let me know if it works.


  3. Xin Liu

    I just did a quick test that it works by using 4SC with a uploaded texgen model with layup. All you need is to upload texgen model to cdmhub via SFTP and open that model in 4SC.



  4. Allison Ruwe

    Thank you!