Usage of "Oblique Models" in VABS.

  1. Li Zed Shawl

    I am trying the oblique cross section and now confused with some questions:
    In the forth line of the VABS input file, I typed 0.707 and -0.707, in order to calculate the stiffness matrix of the oblique section which is at 45 degrees to the normal section. To check the result, I created a new normal section same with the oblique section, by multiplying the Y coordinate of each node of the original section by square root of 2, and reducing the theta3 of each element by 45 degrees. I thought both two models would have the same stiffness matrix(in the attachment), but the two matrices are very different. Would you please tell me if my method is correct? And "oblique_flag" is for what kind of condition?
  2. Wenbin Yu

    The output is also in the oblique coordinate system (y coordinates). You need to transfer them back for comparison to a normal coordinate system.