Compiling Gebt: Does anyone has a Visual Studio Project?

  1. Thomas Ricard


    I have to recompile Gebt but I have no experince at all in Fortran and I cannot affort spending much time learning it.

    Does anyone has a an existing running Visual Studio (Intel Fortan) Project or a clear procedure with gfortran? 

    Thanks in advance.



  2. Qi Wang

    Hi Thomas,

    Compiling GEBT with GFortran is very simple and you don't need any experience on Fortran or GNU compiler. Here are the steps for compiling the GEBT code:

    1. Go to, click on and download the "installer".

    2. Double click on the downloaded executable file (gfortran-windows-20140629.exe). Then click on "I Agree", "Install", and "close". Till now, you have installed GNU Fortran compiler on the computer.

    3. Go to the "bin" folder in your unzipped GEBT package. Launch a command window (type "cmd" in the address bar of the file explorer). Type "make" then press the enter key. Now the new GEBT has been re-compiled!

    Actually I think it's essential to compile the code on your end. Since GEBT is an open-source tool, you can make changes to facility your simulations. For example, you may change the output format for your post-processor (and we leave some comments in the IO section for customized output in the code).


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  3. Thomas Ricard


    Thanks for this procedure. It helped a lot to get Gebt to compile.

    The only thing I had to do was to understand that I had to deleted the mod file to get the compiler to work. For beginners like me, it would be easier if these temporary files were not in the zip file.