Issues with Running Abaqus Vabs GUI

  1. Christophe Floreani

    I have tried following all the instructions from the youtube tutorial. However, my university does not store the Abaqus files locally and therefore, although I can locate the C:Simula folder, it does not have Abaqus in it. Therefore, I have not managed to install it manually.

    I run example files found on the web, the python script cannot find the right python modules and I get an error listed below. The module it cannot find is in the Abaqus_VABS_GUI_code file, which I’ve extracted but failed to place in the right C:SimuliaAbaqus file.

    Error message 1: 

    File "", line 4, in <module>

    from sgd2Airfoil import *

    I have then tried another option. In the same folder, I've placed the VABS III application file, all the python files from the Abaqus GUI and the example files downloaded from the tutorial. I then obtained another error shown in the screenshot attached. 


    I am not sure how to get started with this software. I have read the manuals available but I cannot find any tutorial online. Thank you for your help.