1. Salim Chaibi


    I'm running the same analysis in Gebt for 2 kind of materials that are very similar.

    One file is running and the other is not running whereas it's almost the same think.

    Files are generated by the same way, we have checked all of the lines and we found nothing.

    I think there is a bug in GEBT.

    Can you please check these files ?

    In the folder you will find safe and no safe files.

    Thank you

    Salim CHAIBI

  2. Qi Wang


    I think the error is due to the numerical issue you provided in the input file. For example, the mass density (11,22,33 in mass matrix) should be unit length mass density with unit of [kg/m]. However, I saw values like 5.3894443E-08, which is much smaller than most materials. Can you double check your input values?


  3. Salim Chaibi

    I'm sorry Dr QI we are using Ton/mm3 units that's why mass is very low. 

    But for my example I have a beam which is carried on the last node on the right  by a Mass of 455 grams.

    Maybe my model is not good enough. What can I do to simulate the Mass on the last node.

    It's for an Eigenvalues analysis 

  4. Qi Wang

    Salim, Firstly please note that the unit of the UNIT MASS is kg/m (or, ton/mm for your case maybe). Please make sure you provided the correct value. The error message is from the eigen solver in GEBT and it is a numerical error. Please remove the "Mass on the last node" to test if it goes through. Qi On Sat, Dec 16, 2017 at 12:11 PM, Salim Chaibi @ cdmHUB - The Composites HUB <> wrote: ---- Emailed forum response from
  5. Salim Chaibi

    Doctor QI,

    I want to thank you for your answer.

    I can't remove the mass on the last node because there is an error after.


    I was thinking about this mass matrix at the last node.

    Does the mass moment of inertia (i22 and i33) are taking an effect in the resolution of the eigen solver ?