Anisotropic material definition in PreVABS

  1. Maria Resano


    I have defined a material input as anisotropic and I have detected some program bug.

    When I run preVabs in order to generate vabs file, The *.dat file created has the material input lines missing.

    I have attached the aforementioned files.

    Thank you

  2. Su Tian

    Hi Maria,

    Thank you for pointing out the issue. We are currently working on that. The fixed version will be available these days.


  3. Su Tian

    Hi Maria,

    The code has been updated. Please let us know if you find other issues.

    Thank you!

  4. Maria Resano

    Hi Su,

    Where can I download the new version?

    I have tried with the last version at the web but there is no difference. I supposed that I have not downloaded the correct one.

    Than you in advanced.


  5. Su Tian

    Hi Maria,

    You can download the code here:

    I have downloaded and tested it. It is the updated one.