Installing PreVABSGUI for ANSYS

  1. saeid Khadem Moshir


    I copied the VABSGUI_V_alpha_1.0 file in my ANSYS 19 working directory. I changed the menulist###.ans  to  menulist.ans with the correct path which is my ansys working directory. The PreVABS was appeared in my ANSYS menu list. 

    Then, I installed the VABS3.8ReleasePC08-29-2018 in the ansys working directory and the VABSIII.exe is generated and then I copied the license file in the ANSYS working directory. 

    I modeled something according to the guide files, there exists just the VABSInputFile, and other files such as .K are not created

    Can anyone guide me for this problem?


  2. Wenbin Yu

    You need to set the path to VABSIII.exe so that when you execute the GUI, ANSYS can find VABSIII.exe. 

  3. saeid Khadem Moshir

    Dear Prof. Yu,

    Thank you for your answer. Could you please let me know how I can set the path to VABSIII?

    Thank you

  4. Wenbin Yu

    Ask How can I set a path to a program on Google, you will get many answers. ---- Emailed forum response from