GEBT Flowchart

  1. Sulaiman B Kamarulazizi

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have a flowchart of how the GEBT works?


    Thank You


  2. Wenbin Yu

    I am not exactly sure what u are asking. If you are asking how to use the code itself, you can refer to the paper or user manual. If you are asking what role this code is playing in a composite beam analysis, you might want to refer to my recent lecture to Boeing, available as one of the most recent resources on cdmhub. Any how, more specific questions will get more specific answers.




  3. Dewey H Hodges

    He's asking because he's trying to modify GEBT source code to include some new physics (piezoelectric materials) and has had difficulty determining where all the modifications are to be entered into the code. 

  4. Sulaiman B Kamarulazizi

    And more specifically,

    1) I wish to know how GEBT process literally in the program from input to the required output but not in the sense of mathematic, only in programming.

    2) I tried going through each module from main to IO to analysis to preprocess but then I got stuck. For example which module will pick up the 'material' input from preprocess module?

    3) And determining where to enter the piezoelectric modifications.

  5. Wenbin Yu

    I will let Dr. Qi Wang from NREL or Mr. Su Tian from Purdue to answer this question as he is more familiar with the source code.

  6. Qi Wang

    Hi Sulaiman,

    We don't have a flow-chart at this moment and I will try to add one to the forum in the near future. Actually, the implementation of the equations in the paper is straight forward. If you want to improve the code for piezoelectric analysis, I think you need to change the constitutive equations. More details can be found in another thread:


  7. Su Tian

    Hi Sulaiman,

    Attached is the flowchart of the GEBT code, basically following the flow of callings of subroutines or functions. This is not completed yet, but I think this can give you some clues on how GEBT works. I also attached the original file of the flowchart, if you want to add your own code in it. This file can be opened with yEd, which is a free software good for making all kinds of charts.


  8. Sulaiman B Kamarulazizi

    Hi Su Tian

    Thank You so much for the flowchart. This is great.

    From the forum

    may I know if the Element.f90 is placed in the proprocess flow chart or the Linear solution flowchart?



  9. Su Tian

    As far as I know, the flow of module usage is:

    Analysis -> Solve or Eigen -> System -> Member -> Element