PreVABS Core Modelling/Meshing

  1. Makoto Ueno


    Is there a quick and straightforward way to model a solid core that fills the entire interior space of an airfoil section in PreVABS?


    Thank you

  2. Wenbin Yu

    Can you try the vabs/ANSYS we recently developed


  3. Fang Jiang

    The ANSYS-VABS Graphic User Interface (GUI) Official Release can be downloaded here:

    It requires a membership of the group:

  4. Subramani Anbazhagan


              I'm little confused about the fibre orientation in Cross-sectional lamina schema data file in PreVABS, for example in the case of a biaxial[+45/-45] material we'll have mechanical properties for the biaxial coupon. Do I have give this two fibre orientations or I can use 0 deg since the layer'll be in +45/-45. if I have to provide two or even three orientations in case of a triaxial material,  How can I provide that in Cross-sectional lamina schema data file. 

    Thank for your time.