PreVABS (interface between old version in 2013 and new version)

  1. Kwangtae Ha

    Long time ago (around 2013), I used old version of PreVABS (from Analyswift) to easily obtain sectional properties of blade.

    For easy work, I made interface in MATLAB for automatic generation of PreVABS inputs.

    Now, new version of PreVABS (xml styles) seems to be much more stable and powerful.

    Before jumping to new version of PreVABS (xml styles), I would like ask questions

    (1) I would like to have any interface, if available, which can covert input files of old version Prevabs to input files for Prevabs in new version ?

    (2) If not, can anyone provide me with old version of Prevabs execution file so that I can make sure if all outputs are correct from old or new version PreVABS ?

    Thanks for all support.

    BR, Kevin

  2. Su Tian

    Hello Kevin,

    Thank you for your interests in PreVABS.

    Unfortunately, we do not have any tools for converting the old format to the new format right now.

    The code for PreVABS (Matlab) is attached (remove the '.txt' extension before unzip). There are two folders in the package for different versions of Matlab (2008 or newer). However, since this code has been stopped for development for years, I am not sure if this still works with the latest version of Matlab.