Memory Error when using as DLL

  1. Mann Kyo Cho

    I compiled GEBT into a dynamic link library (.dll) file as a subroutine.

    I have successfully called GEBT from my main program, however if I try to do the dynamic simulation mode with applied distributed loads and boundary conditions for any duration other than extremely short durations, I end up with a :memory allocated coord" error.

    I am not sure why this error occurs, as I clearly see in GEBT there is a line to deallocate the coord variable?

  2. Su Tian


    Have you tried it in an independent GEBT program?

    Or you can post your input file here and I can run it on my computer.

  3. Mann Kyo Cho

    I actually managed to get that part to run.  I changed it so that instead of a DLL, I use the Call System command to call the .exe directly.


    However now I am having a different issue.  I ran GEBT for a canteliever beam with a tip load in the static case to get deflections and rotations.  I then took this deflected beam and now want to apply loads and run it in a dynamic simulation. However my results don't seem to converge even with very high iterations.

    If I remove the initial deflections and rotations and set them equal to zero, then the code converges. 

  4. Su Tian

    If you can attach your input files here, both static and dynamic, I may provide more help.