PreVABS unable to find the file:

  1. Joseph Robinson



    I'm testing the ex_airfoil_r PreVABS example file on Linux, and I noticed an issue when generating the mesh containing the recovered stress/strain properties:

    It seems that when generating the mesh, PreVABS is looking for and but VABS produces and This causes issues on case-sensitive file systems like Linux.

    The error is:

    !! [WARNING] Unable to find the file:

    !! [WARNING] Unable to find the file:

    If I manually rename the .EN and .SN files it works fine, but I was wondering if there was a way to instruct VABS to write the output files with lowercase extensions or instruct PreVABS to look for uppercase extensions.



    Joseph Robinson

  2. Su Tian

    Hello Joseph,

    Thank you for reporting this problem to us.

    This problem has been fixed and PreVABS has been updated. Please find the latest version in the page of this tool:

    Please let us know if there are other issues.