Documentation for new PreVABS input file format

  1. Joseph Robinson


    The changelog for version 1.10 of PreVABS states "Added a new format for the input file. Now baselines and layups data are merged into the main input file,
    to reduce the number of input files needed."

    I'm interested in restructuring a file to use this new format, but I can't find any examples or documentation on how to create files in that format. Could you provide an example? Also, is it possible to store basepoints using this format as well?

    Joseph Robinson

  2. Haodong Du

    Hi Joseph,

    You can check out documentation at

    This is currently the main site for documentation. This function is already well documented. 

    Basically you need to specify format='1' and put all the related xml tags in a single file.

    Yes. It's possible to include basepoints in the same file. Just as you did previously in baselines xml, you can define basepoint and include basepoints file in a baselines tag. Now this tag sites in the main xml file. 

    The following is not a complete input xml. But it shows how you can use prevabs to define a crosssection. There are two new functionality shown in the example that you might be interested in: define a point by partition on a baseline and define segments collectively(

    <cross_section name="uh60a_section" format="1">
        <translate>0.25 0</translate>
        <baseline name="bsl_lps" type="straight">
        <baseline name="bsl_hps" type="straight">

        <point name="p1" on="bsl_lps" by="x2">{wl_x2}</point>

        <baseline name="bsl_spar_top" type="straight">

        <point name="pfle1">{pfle1_x2} 0</point>
        <layup name="lyp_steel">
          <layer lamina="Aluminum 8009_0.01">0:2</layer>

      <component name="spar">

  3. Joseph Robinson


    Thank you for your help. My apologies for missing that piece of the documentation. I was able to get everything working properly.