Input error reading format control parameters

  1. kshitij gupta

    Hi everyone

    I am currently working on single material isotropic slender beams with pre-curvature for which I am using VABS to solve for stiffness matrix. I have prepared the input file(.dat) in old format as per the user manual but it is showing me the error

    "Input error reading format control parameters"

    I will be grateful if you can help me in this regard. I am attaching the sample input file as well.

  2. Wenbin Yu

    The first line should have two integers arranged as: \format ag nlayer". You are suggested to use PreVABS to help generate correct inputs. 

  3. kshitij gupta

    Dear Prof Wenbin

    I modified the input file but again unfortunately getting the same error. kindly help


  4. Wenbin Yu

    It runs through the code on my computer without any problem. Which version and from where you obtained the code? I want to make sure that you are running the right version.