PreVABS Baseline Direction Question

  1. Dana Frye

    I'm building a baseline (type = circle) as per and I am needing to find out, what is the direction of the circle baseline? I'm interested in the direction of the circle baseline since the layup direction is dependent.  

    For straight baselines it says, "The direction of a baseline is defined by the order of the point list" and for arcs the direction (cw/ccw) is specified as an attribute since it would impact the arc geometry.

    However for circle baselines, I can't seem to specify cw/ccw as an attribute, and I don't see anything in the documentation that specifies what the direction circle baselines are (for example, is it always cw, or does it depend on how it was constructed?). Any advise would be appreciated. 

  2. Dana Frye

    Similarly, I can't seem to figure out how to find the start and end of circle baselines, which need to be known in order to "define segments collectively" as per

  3. Haodong Du

    Hi Dana,

    I believe for circle, counterclockwise direction is the default. You can also find out by doing a simple test: define a circle of radius 1 and add some layers with notable thickness and find out which side of the layup is rendered.

    Best regards,

    Haodong Du

  4. Su Tian

    Hello Dana,

    The syntax is the same as the arc-type base line. Use '<direction>' to assign the direction of the circle, which can be either 'cw' or 'ccw' (default).

    The start and end point of the circle is defined by the element '<point>'.

    The online manual has been updated.