Problems in creating webs

  1. Joao Branco

    I created the outer shape of an airfoil with PreVABS and analized it with VABS and all went well. Then I tried to add a web and PreVABS created and meshed successfully the airfoil with the web. But when analyzing it with VABS, the error message is shown:"there are unconnected nodes in the mesh". The web is at 90 degrees in relation to the chord and I tried to play with the orientation, just to see if the problem is from that, and I had a successfull analysis with an orientation of 45 degrees. But of course, my interest lies in the 90 degrees case.

    Does anyone has any thoughts on how to solve this?

    I'll attach the resulting airfoil.

    Thank you

  2. Wenbin Yu

    It mainly implies there are nodes note connected with any element. Please double check the mesh. PreVABS sometimes generates this kind of mesh which is not connected. 

  3. Joao Branco

    Yes, I noticed that the web isn't really connected to the elements in the outer shape, but in that case, how can I change that?

  4. Fang Jiang

    Dear Joao,


    Is the problem solved? Or you need further assistant on that?


    Best Regards,