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About the Group

Public Description

This is the class group for AAE 555: Mechanics of Composite Materials, being taught Spring 2017 at Purdue University and through Engineering Professional Education.  

Course Description

This course provides students a background in modern lightweight composite materials which are being used in an ever-increasing range of applications and industries. Basic knowledge of composites will allow engineers to understand the issues associated with using these materials, as well as gain insight into how their usage differs from metals, and ultimately be able to use composites to their fullest potential. Topics covered include: current and potential applications of composite materials, fibers, matrices, manufacturing methods for composites, anisotropic elasticity, micromechanics for determining mechanical properties of heterogeneous materials, classical laminated plate theory, free-edge stress analysis, and failure analysis of composite materials.


Learning Outcomes

On completing this course the student shall be able to:

  1. Describe what are composite materials and their differences with respect to conventional materials such as metals.
  2. Describe the challenges associated with engineering design of composites.
  3. Transform material properties between different coordinate systems.
  4. Compute effective properties of composites.
  5. Predict displacement/stress/strain of lamina and laminates under mechanical and thermal loads.
  6. Predict strength and failure of lamina and laminates under mechanical and thermal loads.