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ANSYS-VABS GUI is an open source code for VABS users to generate the VABS input files for user-defined composite beam sections. ANSYS-VABS GUI is a highly flexible tool for the VABS analysis of complex composite beam cross sections. It empowers the user with several approaches to modify and manipulate the cross-sectional design.

The main goals of developing this open source GUI code package are:

(1) To facilitate the generation of VABS input file in a user-friendly manner;

(2) To involve more ANSYS APDL users in the development of VABS GUI. For users' developments of the GUI, please visit the project website: https://cdmhub.org/projects/ansysvabsgui2015

(3) To serve as a foundation of ANSYS-SwiftCompTM GUI;

(4) To facilitate industrial use of VABS and also SwiftCompTM.

Created by Fang Jiang Last Modified n/a by Fang Jiang


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    Moh Rafiee

    Dear Fang,

    I cannot see the PreVABS in the Main Menu of ANSYS17.2 and 18.0. This is while in ANSYS 16.0 I could see it in the Main Menu. I followed all the instructions given in ANSYS-VABS interface document for installation. Does ANYS-VABS interface work for ANSYS 18 and 17? Do you have any suggestion?


    Thank you,


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    Tony Truong

    For ANSYS 19.1 and maybe others, adding the version number (XXX) to menulistXXX.ans does not work. The file needs to be named menulist.ans only.

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