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How do I use a command line tool on cdmHUB?

If you want to use a command line tool on cdmHUB, you might find the following instructions helpful:

First, you need to map your cdmHUB storage as a network drive following the instructions given in How to use WebDAV to access your HUB storage.

Second, copy the input file, say, test.dat, for the tool into the disk drive you just maped.

Third, launch the commandline tool, say vabs, you can type vabs test.dat in your wind to execute the code.

Fourth, you can copy the outputs from your cdmHUB drive to your local disk for postprocessing the results.

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    Good info here

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    Jinge Chen


    I tried to map the as a network drive as instructed. I entered "" when required the network location.

    However, it prompts "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another."

    My computer runs with windows 7 (64bit) if it matters. The WebClient service is also turned on.

    Did someone run into the same problem? Highly appreciated for any instruction!

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