This module presents comprehensive treatment of analyses of laminated composite plates by discussing various linear and nonlinear, classical, higher-order transverse shear deformable and classical laminated plate theories. More than 700 slides provide key expressions for internal and external virtual work, the strain-displacement relations, constitutive laws, equilibrium equations and associated boundary conditions are presented in concise manner along with many numerical examples  illustrating the effects of anisotropy on the bending, buckling and free vibrations of rectangular and non-rectangular  laminated composite  plates. The video shows an extended preview of the 3pcmodule006 by clicking here https://www.3pcomposites.com/training OR https://www.3pcomposites.com/3pcmodules-downloads . The full module in .gif format (in two parts) can be downloaded by going to the files folder of this project

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Naveen Rastogi, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant
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