Digimat Virtual Allowables, to complement physical testing of composite coupons

By Mira Toth1, Roger Assaker

1. e-Xstream engineering


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Integrated Solution to Compute Virtual Allowables

Tools such as Digimat-VA are essential to the integration of composites into aerospace and automotive design. Physical testing alone cannot give engineers the versatility they need to take full advantage of composites’ potential. It is not simply the newness of composites that makes them a challenge, but their most fundamental difference from traditional materials: their variability and anisotropy.

With current testing tools along, that variability is a challenge to be overcome. With software tools that enable virtual testing, variability becomes the essential attribute that makes composites the key to lighter, more fuel efficient aircrafts and cars.

Digimat Virtual Allowables ("Digimat-VA", winner of the JEC Innovation Award 2015) is a productive solution to predict virtual allowables for a full test matrix in just few clicks. This user-friendly and intuitive interface - developed by e-Xstream engineering - now enables engineers to take the results of basic lab tests on composite lamina and use them to predict the behavior of virtually any plain or notched laminate.

What is Digimat Virtual Allowables?

  • Productive solution to predict virtual allowables for a full test matrix in a few clicks
  • Unique integration of nonlinear multi-scale modeling, progressive failure and finite element analysis technologies
  • Process, material and testing variability modelling
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface

It enables you to...

  • Accelerate your use of composites thanks to coupon simulation early in the design cycle without skipping any steps in the test based certification process
  • Characterize your composite material virtually & explore design space & reduce test matrix
  • Support your customers & reduce your material testing cost & accelerate the development of new material systems

Digimat-VA combines efficient micromechanical modeling, progressive failure analysis, and non-linear finite element analysis (FEA) in an integrated tool. With Digimat-VA, engineers can compare laminates stiffness and strength virtually before going into the extensive and expensive process of developing physical allowables. They define their test matrix through Digimat-VA’s point-and-click interface, and the software generates the virtual allowable based on the test parameters and the ply data.


e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company

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