By Xin Liu1, Wenbin Yu1

1. Purdue University

Modeling of woven fabric composites generated by TexGen using SwiftComp

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Published on 25 Feb 2020
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TexGen is a geometric textile modelling software package which can be used to create the geometry and mesh for textile composites. It is an open source code licensed under the General Public License developed at the University of Nottingham. More details can be found at the TexGen website. The software here is modified so that it can call SwiftComp to compute the effective properties. Taking advantage of the versatile model generation capability by TexGen and constitutive modelling by SwiftComp, TexGen4SC provides a fast and easy way to compute properties of textile composites. However, since TexGen has difficulty to visualization contour plots, one needs to import the SC file to Gmsh4SC for visualizing the local fields. If you want a quick start, please watch out TexGen4SC Tutorial Video Series.  User manual and the source codes can be found in the supporting documents.

If you don't like the cloud version, all the source codes can be download in the supporting documents but users need to compile TexGen4SC on their own computers. Please be advised that what you download is the GUI only, you have to fill the form at http://analyswift.com/software-trial/ to request SwiftComp from AnalySwift LLC for performing the analysis. If you need to model microstructures other than textiles, you might want to use Gmsh4SC, ABAQUS-SwiftComp GUI, or ANSYS-SwiftComp GUI

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