2016 cdmHUB ASC Workshop Flyer

By Wenbin Yu

Purdue University

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Join us at the American Society for Composites 31st Technical Conference (http://mech.utah.edu/ASC2016/) for a hands-on workshop, on September 18, from 7:00–9:00pm, on how to use cdmHUB.org for composites learning, teaching, and research in the cloud. With the mission to convene the composites community to advance certification by analysis through hosting and evaluating existing and emerging simulation tools, cdmHUB is the premier online portal for composite resources, information, and networking for designers, manufacturers, researchers, engineers, and educators. This workshop features an overview of the cdmHUB cyberinfrastructure, and how to use cdmHUB for learning, teaching, and research. We will demonstrate how to use cdmHUB to develop and launch composites simulation tools. Please bring your laptop or tablet so that you can enjoy real-time of exercise all the collaborative functionalities of cdmHUB and immediate access of a vast array of composites resources.

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